ACHPER NSW continues to be the leading provider of professional learning for educators teaching courses under the PDHPE Key Learning Area (KLA) across NSW. 2016 saw ACHPER NSW lead over 1800 primary and secondary educators through our workshops and conferences as well as supporting over 560 HSC students during our HSC Enrichment Days.

Professional Learning

Throughout our 2016 Professional Learning Calendar we facilitated twenty-one face to face workshops, six HSC Enrichment Days, five K-6 Conferences and our Annual Stage 6 Conference. In addition, we hosted various webinars and video conferences to support both teachers and students. All of these professional learning opportunities are consistently reviewed and updated after consideration of evaluations, to ensure that they best meet the needs of delegates and members. ACHPER NSW will continue to develop new and innovative professional learning opportunities to address emerging needs of educators who teach courses within the PDHPE KLA.

We would like to extend our thanks and congratulations to the writers, presenters, mentors and reviewers of ACHPER NSW workshops, conference materials and other resources offered in 2016. Teachers and their students across NSW are indebted to you for your professionalism and diligence in developing worthwhile and innovative resources to improve the learning outcomes of students as well as the knowledge and skills of teachers.


2016 saw a number of changes to the ACHPER NSW Board with long standing Board member and President Nadene Kennedy stepping down after ten years. On behalf of the Board, members and the wider ACHPER community we would like to extend our gratitude to Nadene for her leadership and advocacy of PDHPE across NSW over the last decade. Nadene has played a pivotal role in the development and advice of both the Australian and NSW curriculum in a number of subjects. We would like to wish Nadene all the very best as she continues as to support teachers in NSW schools and in her accreditation work, educating teachers who are working towards Highly Accomplished or Lead level.

We would also like to thank Sarah Jackson for her support and leadership of ACHPER NSW throughout the first half of 2016. Sarah was President until she was appointed on the ACHPER National Board. We thank Sarah for her commitment and service to ACHPER NSW over the last five years. We know that she will continue to support and advocate for PDHPE across NSW, especially in her work on student wellbeing.

Congratulations to Dominique Sidaros who joined the ACHPER NSW Board this year until her appointment as Relieving Senior Curriculum Advisor with BOSTES NSW. We thank Dom for her energy and passion in exploring further avenues to support PDHPE teachers across NSW.

Congratulations is also extended to Xanthe Dwyer on her permanent appointment as a PDHPE teacher at Gilroy Catholic College, Castle Hill. Xanthe has worked in the ACHPER NSW office for the last two years and has undertaken various project roles, most notably the K-6 Conferences. Gilroy have gained a very meticulous, hardworking and passionate young teacher.

We would also like to thank our office staff Julie Percival, Executive Officer and Tracy Puckeridge, Administration Officer for the extensive work they do to support the Board and the smooth running of all ACHPER NSW logistics, events, correspondence and materials. Both Julie and Tracy go above and beyond to make every last detail of our events run seamlessly.

Finally we would like to thank the Board members who nominated again for the 2016-2017 period and to the three new members who joined us this year. We feel very humbled and honored to be leading such a dedicated, energetic, passionate and hardworking Board as well as representing ACHPER NSW members, delegates and the wider ACHPER community.

The full 2016 Annual Report can be read and downloaded below.

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