ACHPER NSW and Sporting Schools Plus

Have you received a Sporting Schools Plus grant?

ACHPER NSW provides Professional Learning to build school and teacher capacity to delivery quality PDHPE and build the physical literacy of your students.

The Sporting Schools Plus grant enables your school to access the highest quality professional learning and support for you teachers and whole school community.

ACHPER NSW is the peak professional association for PDHPE teachers in NSW and is a NESA accredited provider.

We offer a range of professional learning which supports the delivery of PDHPE and Sport in your school. Our workshop options are specifically designed to activate all 8 areas of the Physical Literacy Guide and we can also assist you to assess your school against the “Guide” and co-develop a plan to for your funding to ensure you have the biggest impact for students.

Our professional learning workshops available through the Sporting Schools Plus grant are aimed at primary classroom teachers, PDHPE RFF teachers, school leaders, sport coordinators, wellbeing coordinators and all staff involved in enhancing the planning, implementation and delivery of PDHPE and sport at your school.

Sporting Schools Plus 2020 grants can be used to fund ACHPER activities starting in any Term in 2020.

ACHPER has three options for the provision of support through the Sporting Schools Plus Grant:

Option 1: Personalised in-school professional learning program

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific in-school professional learning and support needs and we can design a program that fits your budget and school context.

Option 2: ACHPER NSW scheduled professional learning events

A range of professional learning opportunities are offered by ACHPER NSW each term. You can allocate your Sporting Schools Plus funding to attend professional learning opportunities, as well as pay for travel and accommodation to events if required. You can check out all of ACHPER NSW planned events for Semester 2 on the newly refurbished ACHPER NSW website.

Option 3: In-School professional learning sessions

ACHPER NSW in-school professional learning has the core focus of developing quality PDHPE programs which in turn will support the development of physical literacy for all students.

Stream 1: Programming and assessment support for PDHPE

Workshop 1: Programming quality units in PDHPE (Full day)

  • Evidence based programming decisions
  • Translating student needs into units of work
  • Creating relevant and engaging units of work
  • Effective teaching and learning activities
  • Developing a scope and sequence

Workshop 2: Effective assessment in PDHPE (Full day)

  • Embedding authentic assessment in teaching and learning activities
  • Key messaging about assessment
  • Understanding the principles of quality assessment
  • Effectively embedding quality assessment practices in a unit of work.
  • Collecting evidence of learning
  • Observing and recording student learning
  • Collating observations efficiently
  • Reporting on student achievement
  • Comparing observations with colleagues to ensure consistent judgements

Workshop 3: Embedding inclusive practices in PDHPE (Full day)

  • Planning for learning that includes ALL students in PE and movement lessons
  • Exploring Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a programming tool in PDHPE
  • Applying the principles of UDL to our programming of PDHPE lessons.
  • Exploring quality differentiated teaching strategies for PE and sport.

Stream 2: Professional learning to support the development of physical literacy

Workshop 4: Embedding the development of physical literacy in your PE and sport programs (Half day workshop)

This workshop will focus on refining school PE and sport programs to ensure that ample opportunities are embedded to support the progressive development of students’ physical literacy capabilities.

Workshop 5: Developing strong leadership to support physical literacy development (Half day)

This workshop will provide practical strategies to schools leaders to support the building of an inclusive school culture in physical activity and sport. The session will highlight strategies that can help foster positive leadership and aid in the development of functional policy which promotes the development of physical literacy as a core offering of your school.

Delivery models and cost

Workshop costs will vary depending on the agreed delivery model. Professional learning sessions can be run face-to-face, online or a mixture of both. We can accommodate student free days, whole staff approaches, cluster opportunities, individual mentoring and sequential sessions for individuals or groups.
Indicative costs start at $2,000 per in-school full-day workshop, or $8,000 for all 5 workshops. Indicative costs do not include travel or accommodation if required and can be negotiated based on agreed delivery model.

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