ACHPER NSW Strategic Priorities

ACHPER NSW are pleased to officially announce our Strategic Priorities for 2017 – 2019.

We would like to acknowledge past Presidents, Board members and administration staff as well as our delegates and members who have continued to encourage ACHPER NSW to pursue the missions of our non-profit organisation. The establishment of clear strategic priorities will move our organisation further forward in a challenging time for educators, academics, researchers and other individuals in the PDHPE, health, recreation, dance, fitness and sport arena.

At ACHPER NSW our strategic priorities are aligned with the ACHPER National Strategic Priorities and are built on:

Purpose: To create strong advocacy for PDHPE across NSW and support ACHPER National to promote healthy lifestyles for all Australians.
People: To develop positive relationships and connections with key stakeholders across all areas of health, wellbeing, PE and sport.
Processes: To foster partnerships with key stakeholders in health, physical education and wellbeing as well as the greater community.
Products and practices: To improve the position of ACHPER NSW in advocating for PDHPE and health lifestyles throughout NSW and Australia.

Our overarching priorities are ADVOCATE, EDUCATE and SUPPORT, encapsulating what is reflected in the work of ACHPER NSW since the 1950s.

We would love to hear from our members, delegates and other interested community members about how we can work together to promote healthy lifestyles. You can read all about our Strategic Priorities 2017 – 2019 here.

Yours in health and wellbeing,

Kelly Bell
President of ACHPER NSW