My journey into using IT in PE

As a primary school PE teacher, Kirsty Crouch from Immanuel Primary School in SA, is always looking for new tools to improve her teaching program…… so into the world of IT in PE she jumped!

In this blog post, Kirsty shares seven iPad Apps which she uses regularly in her classroom that work successfully for her and her students. Are you incorporating any of them in your teaching program yet?


Health on Facebook: Engaging critical minds

Social networking sites such as Facebook have become a popular way for people to source health information, specifically relating to diet and exercise. However many adolescents are unable to differentiate between the credibility and accuracy of the health advice offered.

The results of a study by Stephanie Jong of Flinders University draws on two of the five propositions of the Australian Curriculum: developing health literacy and including a critical approach as ways to build on the enthusiasm of social networking sites and guide adolescents to improve the way they evaluate health information they find online.