Are you looking for quality revision material for your PDHPE HSC students prior to the HSC?

ACHPER NSW is offering Year 12 PDHPE teachers the opportunity to access the presentation material from the 2016 to 2019 PDHPE HSC Enrichment Days to use in their classroom. The material has been developed by experienced PDHPE teachers and HSC markers to support Year 12 students prior to the 2019 HSC examinations. Each year a different area of the syllabus is covered. Please see the products individually for details on which part of the syllabus is covered.

The presentations outline major course content and valuable revision tips that will supplement your students’ study. You will receive a video recording of each session, along with a comprehensive student workbook which challenges students and reinforces concepts already taught. The presentation will take the students through the material and provide feedback on activities. The workbook also includes extra revision activities and supplementary material for each session.

Webinars can be purchased individually or as a bundle of all webinars.





2019 recordings and resources

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2018 recordings and resources

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Free PDHPE HSC Enrichment Day materials to use in when revising for the HSC:

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