A one day professional learning workshop that aims to enhance a teacher’s knowledge and understanding of how to explicitly teach persuasive writing in PDHPE.

As a result of participating in this workshop, participants will:

  • Have a more meaningful understanding of NAPLAN data and how it can impact on your teaching strategies.
  • Be able to use NAPLAN data to understand student’s literacy needs
  • Practical applications of how to incorporate literacy into your units of work

Who should attend: 7-10 PDHPE teachers who wish to incorporate literacy strategies into their teaching.

York Conference Centre
99 York St, Sydney
8:30AM to 3:30PM



Presenters: Dan Jackson (SEDA College) and Alex Lupton (Heathcote High School)



Registration closes: Friday 24th February

Professional Teaching Standards

1.2.2 Structure teaching programs using research and collegial advice about how students learn.
1.4.2 Design and implement effective teaching strategies that are responsive to the local community and cultural setting, linguistic background and histories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
1.5.2 Develop teaching activities that incorporate differentiated strategies to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities.
1.6.2 Design and implement teaching activities that support the participation and learning of students with disability and address relevant policy and legislative requirements.
6.2.2 Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities.