Awards and Scholarships

PDHPE and CAFS Student Awards

In appreciation of our members ACHPER NSW offers PDHPE and/or CAFS teachers in secondary schools the opportunity to present an ACHPER Student Award to the Year 12 student at your school who achieved 1st place in your PDHPE class in 2017 and/or 1st place in your CAFS class in 2017.
This award could be presented at your school’s Year 12 Presentation/Award night.

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NSW Premier’s Teaching Scholarships 2017

Explore your field of teaching expertise

NSW teachers, with a NSW Premier’s Teacher Scholarship, you could spend five weeks exploring your field of teaching expertise and visiting some of the world’s most highly acclaimed schools and centres for teaching and learning! Find out more

Professional Learning Scholarship 2017

ACHPER NSW aims to support PDHPE teachers across NSW through the provision of quality teaching and learning workshops. ACHPER NSW seeks to recognise the barriers that limit access for teachers to attend such workshops and so the development of a professional learning scholarship seeks to provide teacher with access to professional learning. With this in mind, ACHPER NSW invites members to apply for a professional learning scholarship of $1000 which can be used in the following ways:

    • 1 X ACHPER NSW Workshop in the 2017 calendar + relief for 1 day + travel/accommodation


    • 2 x ACHPER NSW workshops in the 2017 calendar + travel/accommodation


    • Registration at the 2017 Stage 6 Conference + relief for one day

Professional Learning Scholarship


Eligibility requirements

  • Applications open to financial ACHPER members only
  • Consideration will be given to applications with limited access to workshops and professional learning. For example school location
  • Applicants must outline the ways in which the professional learning scholarship will benefit their teaching and the learning outcomes of students at their school.
  • Applicants will be required to provide feedback to ACHPER NSW at the end of 2017 on how the scholarship has been of benefit to the teaching and learning outcomes of their school and students.

Applications close  27th February 2017  The successful recipient/s will be contacted by 14th March 2017.

Outstanding Professional Service Award

This award is made by the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW (PTC) on behalf of professional associations in recognition of the voluntary work undertaken by committee members of professional teachers’ associations. The award recognises individual committee member’s outstanding professional contribution to education in NSW made through ACHPER NSW.


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