Exam Technique


  • Exam structure eg sections, time allocation and length of exam
  • Strategies for answering multiple choice questions
  • Ideas to help write short response and extended responses
  • Planning your answers

Core 1

Focus Question: What role do health care facilities play in achieving better health for all Australians?

Students learn about Students learn to
·        complementary and alternative health care approaches

–    reasons for growth of complementary and alternative health products and services

–    range of products and services available

–    how to make informed consumer choices


·        critically analyse complementary and alternative health care approaches by exploring questions such as:

–    how do you know who to believe?

–    what do you need to help you make informed decisions?


Core 2 – Factors affecting performance

Focus Question – “How does the acquisition of skill affect performance?”

Students learn about Students learn to
·        stages of skill acquisition

–    cognitive

–    associative

–    autonomous

  • assessment of skill and performance

–    characteristics of skilled performers, eg kinaesthetic sense, anticipation, consistency, technique

–    objective and subjective performance measures

–    validity and reliability of tests

–    personal versus prescribed judging criteria

·        examine the stages of skill acquisition by participating in the learning of a new skill, eg juggling, throwing with the non-dominant arm


develop and evaluate objective and subjective performance measures to appraise performance

Sports Medicine

Focus Question: How does sports medicine address the medical conditions of children and young people?

Students learn about Students learn to
·        children and young athletes

–     medical conditions (asthma, diabetes, epilepsy)

–     overuse injuries (stress fractures)

–     thermoregulation

–     appropriateness of resistance training

·         analyse the implications of each of these considerations for the ways young people engage in sport and how each is managed.




Improving Performance

Focus: How do athletes train for improved performance?

Students learn about Students learn to

·        anaerobic training (power and speed)

–        developing power through resistance/weight training

–        plyometrics

–        short interval

·        analyse TWO of the training types by drawing on current and reliable sources of information to:

–       examine the types of training methods and how they best suit specific performance requirements

–       design a training program

–       describe how training adaptations can be measured

–       identify safe and potentially harmful training procedures


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