CAFS 2015 Webinar Bundle


Webinar recordings, student workbook and supplementary materials


Parenting and Caring:

  • Analyse the impact of legal rights on the well being of parents, carers and dependants.


  • Prevalence within the community: individual diversity: terminology used: issues of concern and access to services


  • Justify two most significant needs for people with a disability and discuss the implications if these are not met

Individuals and Work:

  • Nature at work
  • Changing work patterns

Social Impact of Technology:

  • Factors affecting access to and acceptance of technology:
    • Technologies and the workplace and technological development issues related to information and communication technology

Exam Technique:

  • Outline the roles of parents and carers.
  • Discuss how factors affecting the roles of parents and carers can impact on:
    • The specific needs; building a positive relationship and promoting the well being