CAFS 2017 Bundle


2017 CAFS HSC presentations for all sessions from the HSC Enrichment days


Recordings and focus for each webinar

Exam Technique

  • Student reflection
  • Exam structure and preparation
  • Multiple choice and short answers

Groups in Context – Homeless and People with Disabilities

Learn about and learn to:

  • Exploring the four specific groups within the community – prevalence
  • Issues of concern for the specific groups within the community – satisfaction of needs and access to services

Parenting and Caring

Learn about :

  • Influences on parents and carers – social

Learn to:

  • Critically analyse expectations of males and females in parenting and caring roles in a changing society  Explore one example of how a parent and carer may challenge social influences and assess the impact this can have on their well being

Individuals and Work

Focus Questions:

  • How can work contribute to the satisfaction of two needs?
  • Outline what personal commitments and interests may influence maintaining a work and life balance 
  • Discuss how negotiating and sharing roles is a strategy that individuals can utilise to effectively manage multiple role expectations?

Social Impact of Technology

Focus Questions

  • What are the trends associated with household use of information and communication technology over time?
  • Assess the possible impact of information and communication technology on interpersonal relationships within families

Research Methodology

  • Interpreting research
  • Recording actions
  • presenting primary data
  • comparing key findings
  • forming research- based conclusions
  • creating a biography


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