Reflections on my professional learning journey – Rosemary Taekel

During 2018 I was fortunate enough to attend both the ACHPER NSW Aspiring Leaders Workshop and the Curriculum Leadership in PDHPE Workshop, as the recipient of the 2017 recipient of the ACHPER NSW Professional Learning Scholarship. Throughout the two days, I was able to network with leaders in education, particularly from the CAFS KLA. Individuals that had been through the process of leadership recruitment, be that on the head teacher or welfare journey. They provided invaluable insights into how to project yourself into those roles, to take chances and risks in order to achieve your goals whatever they be in Leadership.

I was afraid that I wouldn’t be ready for a course like this, being so early in my career, but there was so much that could be taken away from this course no matter where you were on your leadership journey. The Curriculum Leadership in PDHPE was such a well-rounded course that had elements that teachers were able to apply to their KLA. It didn’t matter if you weren’t based in PDHPE, the application of assessments for learning and curriculum development were applicable to all teachers and were a real benefit to the students in your classroom.

I am so grateful to ACHPER NSW for the opportunities that they have provided to me this year as the recipient of the scholarship, as there have been so many chances for me to network and broadened my skills and knowledge. This has …. that in turn is projected into my classroom and demonstrate in the teaching and learning strategies that I am able to use to extend my students learning. If it wasn’t for this scholarship, this wouldn’t have been possible.


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