Reflections on my professional learning journey – Sophie Skeers

The ACHPER NSW Professional Learning Scholarship for 2019 provided the students at Tumbarumba High School with the opportunity to offer Community and Family Studies (CAFS) as a Stage 6 subject this year. This is the first time Tumbarumba High School has had the opportunity to offer CAFS. This would not have been possible without the ACHPER scholarship which allowed me to be upskilled in attending the ‘Teaching Stage 6 CAFS for the first time’ workshop. Attending professional learning has proved to have its challenges, due to being in a rural area. ACHPER provided the subsidy of travel and accommodation which has had a positive impact on increasing my content knowledge and increased the variety of teaching strategies, therefore having a positive impact on students at Tumbarumba High School.

The Effective Assessment Practices in K-10 PDHPE workshop allowed me to further develop my understanding of the K-10 PDHPE syllabus and especially improve the assessment practices at our school. This has placed more value on developing skills such as critical thinking for students in PDHPE. At school we have been focusing on preparing students for Stage 6 PDHPE. This development of new assessment activities has reduced the gap between Stage 5 and Stage 6 PDHPE with the intention to develop all learning outcomes.

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