Last month saw the release of the draft K-10 PDHPE syllabus for consultation. The release provides an exciting opportunity for teachers to have input into the future directions of the PDHPE learning area.

ACHPER NSW and the PDHPE Teachers’ Association will be submitting formal feedback based on input from their members.

In order to support teachers to explore the draft K-10 PDHPE syllabus and provide us with your feedback on the draft syllabus, we have put together a step-by-step process with guided discussion questions. The process has been designed to be run in a staff meeting or faculty meeting and could be used on the upcoming staff development day.

Staff feedback session on draft K-10 PDHPE syllabus

This session outline can be downloaded as a Word document here

Step 1: Watch the NESA PDHPE Draft Syllabus Consultation video


Step 2: Download the draft syllabus documents from the NESA website

The documents available on the NESA website introducing the draft syllabus are designed to assist with engaging with the new syllabus and completing consultation feedback. They provide background and an overview of the key features of the draft syllabus, including the proposed course structure and course content.

Introduction to the draft syllabus

Draft syllabus (PDF format)

Step 3: Explore the proposed content in the draft syllabus

Read through the information in the content section (page 23-33)

Key discussion questions for formulating feedback

  1. How easily can you identify the expectations of the syllabus?
  2. How easily can you identify what you must teach (the required learning) for each year/stage?


Step 4: Explore the expected achievement described by the objectives and outcomes

Go to pages 14-18 in the draft syllabus and read through the sequence of objective and outcomes for K-10.

Key discussion questions for formulating feedback

  1. Does the sequence of objectives and outcomes reflect the achievement that you believe is relevant and appropriate for your students? Why? Why not?
  2. Does the required achievement represent a developmentally appropriate sequence across stages? Why? Why not?


Step 5: Select a Stage of learning to explore in more detail.

Depending on the number of teachers you are meeting with you could break into groups and each group explore a different stage. Read through the Content for your selected stage for each of the three strands and the Overview of subject matter.

Key discussion questions for formulating feedback

5. Do the syllabus outcomes and content align for this Stage? Why? Why not?

6. Does the syllabus content represent the learning you believe is relevant for your students? Why? Why not?

7. Do the key inquiry questions match the learning described in the content? Why? Why not?


Step 6: Think ahead – programming from the draft syllabus

As a group, explore how easily the structure of the draft syllabus will support programming and planning. While looking through the document consider whether you could effectively and efficiently plan and develop an engaging, innovative and future-focused PDHPE program from the draft syllabus.

Key discussion questions for formulating feedback

8. What elements or aspects of the draft syllabus promote effective and efficient planning?

9. What elements or aspects of the draft syllabus pose difficulty for effective and efficient planning?

10. What concerns might you have about your ability to plan effectively from the draft syllabus?


Collate your shared responses to each of the above 10 questions and send them to the ACHPER office at You can also provide additional feedback to be included in the submissions through the following channels:

Discussion forum

ACHPER NSW and PDHPE TA will be jointly hosting a discussion forum on Tuesday 2 May from 5.00pm at Revesby Workers Club for members to provide feedback on the draft syllabus to inform our submission. RSVPs for this event can be provided here.

Online Facebook chat

For those teachers unable to attend the face-to-face discussion forum we will be hosting an online Facebook chat and live feed from the forum that can be accessed through our Facebook page at .

Online survey

ACHPER NSW will also be sending out a link to an online survey in Week 1 of Term 2 via email to members to ensure we are able to collect as much feedback as possible from teachers to inform our submission.

We urge all teachers of PDHPE to actively engage in the syllabus consultation. Remember this syllabus outlines what you will be required to teach for many years to come. Have your input to ensure the content and expectations meet the needs of your students, staff and your local community.

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