PDHPE 7-10 Resources

The following Stage 4 and 5 resources have been curated by ACHPER NSW staff and Board Members.

Padlet of curated resources for Years 7-10 PDHPE

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Planning and programming templates

Teaching and learning activity audit tool

Use this tool to review current teaching and learning activities to determine whether they address the intent of the syllabus propositions

Activity audit tool – A4

Unit planning template

This template provides a framework for planning new units from scratch and uses Big Ideas and Essential Questions as the organisers for teaching, learning and assessment.

Unit planning template – double sided A3

Scope and sequence sample template

Word document formatted for use for a two year scope and sequence incorporating health and movement aspects of PDHPE on the one overview.

Scope and sequence planning template – A4


Digital Teaching and Learning Strategies

This webinar explores how technology can be used to enhance teaching and learning and support organisation. The webinar explores ideas to improve instruction and feedback, flip classrooms, create higher order thinking tasks, and build a network of support and communication.

The webinar explores a range of teaching and learning strategies for creating a digital classroom. The webinar includes:

  • Teaching and learning strategies
  • Professional development tools
  • Organisational effects
  • Communication strategies.

Effective questioning webinar

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