K-6 PDHPE and Sport Resources

In an effort to provide ongoing support for K-6 teachers who are interested in incorporating quality PDHPE lessons into their program we will be supplying lessons plans from areas of the PDHPE syllabus such as: Dance, Games and Sports, Gymnastics, Active Lifestyle and Safe Living. We have also added material to assist in the Managing of School Sport.

These resources have been designed so that a primary teacher can ” pick up and run” with the entire content of the lesson or select sections that are appropriate to their students. The lessons plans will cover (where appropriate) Early Stage 1, Stage 1 and Stage 2.


Orientation to Gymnastics

School Safety Guidelines


Teaching Dance and How to Survive

Inclusive games

Inclusive Games – ACHPER


Tabloids ideas

Tabloids resources

Games for Understanding

Central Coast Health Promotion Unit – Games for Understanding videos

Literacy and Numeracy through playground games

Literacy and Numeracy in PDHPE

Integrating Literacy and Numeracy Skills into Playground Games

Games with Minimal Equipment

Games with Minimal Equipment

Making a Sport Lesson Fun for All

Games with Minimal Equipment Resource

Games with minimal equipment – Hunter New England Health

Keynote Presentations

Nutrition in the Primary Years – Dr Tracy Burrows

Physical Activity and Academic Performance – Nick Riley

Promoting Physical Activity – Professor Tony Okely