Stage 6 CAFS

Each year ACHPER NSW conducts CAFS HSC Enrichment Days for Year 12 students and their teachers. ACHPER NSW has become well known for the high quality of these days and the additional support that they provide to CAFS HSC students.

ACHPER NSW contracts writers to prepare a power point presentation and workbook material for each of the sessions presented at the HSC days.

2017 – 2018 Recordings Available to Purchase

Please find below a sample of the material for Groups in Context which covers the following content for Homeless.

  • Prevalence within the community
  • individual diversity:
  • terminology used
  • issues of concern and access

Groups in Context: Homeless (2015 Powerpoint presentation)

Download (PPT, Unknown)

Groups in Context: Homeless (2015 Student workbook)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Individuals and Work PowerPoint presentation

Download (PPTX, Unknown)


Individuals and Work Materials

Download (PDF, Unknown)


In conjunction with the CAFS Enrichment days ACHPER NSW offers recordings of the above sessions for Year 12 students and their teachers. These recordings enable teachers to provide their students with the opportunity to be a part of an interactive session designed to prepare the students for their Trial HSC. Each session runs for approximately 1 hour and is best viewed with the accompanying workbook.

“Thank you so much for the effort you put into the Webinars. The students made a big effort to attend each one, 2 of them live on farms 60km from town, but they saw the benefits and were pleased to commit themselves to the Webinars.”

Quote from a regional high school

CAFS Exam Technique

Exam Technique PowerPoint presentation

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Workbook Materials

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