CAFS HSC Core: Groups in Context

This module builds upon study of the role groups play in meeting individual, family and community needs introduced in the Preliminary course module — Individuals and Groups. In this module, the focus of students’ investigation is on the needs of individuals in specific groups and their access to resources to satisfy these needs.

Each PowerPoint, booklet and webinar for each group covers Government policies and management strategies to address inequity issues for the relevant group. This information will also evaluate the extent to which community service groups meet the needs of a variety of groups in society and examines the rights or each group and any issues of concern.


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Homeless People and People with Disabilities

Groups in Context ppt

Groups in Context workbook

Supplementary Material & Reference List 



Disabled Presentation 2015

Disabled Workbook 2015


Homeless Presentation 2015

Homeless Workbook 2015