PDHPE HSC Core: Priorities in Australia

This compulsory module examines the health status of Australians and investigates, in depth, the current health priority issues in Australia. Students identify and justify the choice of priority issues and examine the roles that the health system and health promotion play in achieving better health for all Australians.

All HSC Enrichment Day material on the the core subject Priorities in Australia is available including webinars, Power Points and student work booklets.


FocusHealth Priorities in Australia

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Focus: A growing and ageing population

Core 1 Presentation 2016

Core 1 Workbook 2016


Focus: Evaluating health care in Australia in relation to social justice principles

Core 1 Presentation 2015

Core 1 Workbook 2015


Focus: Role of Epidemiology: Cancer and CVD

Core 1 Presentation 2014

Core 1 Workbook 2014


Focus- Measuring health status and  high levels of preventable chronic disease, injury and mental health problems

Core 1 – Powerpoint

Core 1 – Workbook

Priorities in Australia webinar


Focus- Diabetes in Australia

Core 1 – Workbook

Core 1 – Workbook

Priorities in Australia webinar

YouTube clip by Clearly Health- What is Diabetes?

YouTube clip of health promotion advertisement- How to be a swapper



Focus- ATSI groups suffering health inequalities

Priorities in Australia Power Point

Priorities in Australia booklet

Priorities in Australia webinar


Focus- Growing and ageing population

Priorities in Health Power Point

Priorities in Health Booklet

Priorities in Health Webinar