Forum discussion – Scope and sequence

Task 1. Please post your responses to the following questions in the discussion forum. To meet the requirements of this submission task you will need to reply to two other posts in the forum.

  • Do you keep the same scope and sequence every year? Provide reasons
  • What things do you consider when putting together your scope and sequence? Provide reasons

Task 2. Following your initial post, you need to respond to at least two other participants providing feedback and/or questions about their responses around initial planning for a scope and sequence.

Please try and choose a person who has not yet received a response. We would like everyone to receive feedback.

Your responses need to be clear and your ideas and comments need to be clearly explained and justified. When responding to peers, you must ensure that you use appropriate netiquette: (Do we need this here or as the initial post in the discussion forum??)

  • Greeting: It is basic courtesy to address your peer by their name at the start of your post rather than jumping straight into the body of your response. For example, “Hi Anne”
  • Keep your writing simple, clear and direct to avoid the risk of ambiguity. The sentences should be short and complete and never use SMS spelling (eg ‘btw’ for by the way, or ‘u’ for you).
  • Be mindful of your ‘tone of voice’ as it can be misconstrued without the context that comes from vocal cues and facial expressions in face-to-face situations.
  • Be positive and respectful; avoid using explicitly negative words such as ‘failure’, ‘wrong’ or ‘neglected’.
  • Proofread: Always read and re-read your response before submitting.

It is recommended that you create your response in a plain text document (.txt) and then copy and paste your response to a forum post. This is a strategy to avoid losing your work if the system times out.

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