Welcome to 2017

Welcome! We hope you had a wonderful break with your family and friends over the Christmas and New Year.

In reflection of the year that has passed, ACHPER NSW had many wonderful opportunities to work with delegates and members in further support of your teaching. We thank you for engaging with us at our conferences, workshops, enrichment days, recordings and via our social media platforms through Facebook and Twitter.

My name is Kelly Bell, it is with great pleasure that I introduce myself as the President of ACHPER NSW. I feel very humbled and honored to be leading such a dedicated, energetic, passionate and hardworking Board as well as representing ACHPER NSW members, delegates and the wider ACHPER community.

ACHPER NSW has a long standing history of supporting PDHPE educators, associates, their students and other members of the sport and recreation sector. As a Board, we are strongly committed to developing and presenting the highest quality professional learning and resources for our members and delegates that are representative of current challenges and changes that we face in all sectors.

I truly believe that teachers and members of our PDHPE community can greatly benefit from working together by learning, networking, sharing and collaborating. To be inspired by each other’s passion and commitment to be the best we can be and to share positive messages with the young people with whom we work.

I am certain that I will get to meet more amazing educators and individuals in my role as President of ACHPER NSW as we continue the work our colleagues and Board members have done before us. I truly believe that “the most valuable resource teachers all have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives” (Robert John Meehan).

ACHPER NSW has some very exciting conference materials, workshops, webinars and resources that we cannot wait to share with you over the coming months. This includes a strong presence on social media, our annual Stage 6 Conference, K-6 conferences, unique learning opportunities and developing stronger partnerships with other sectors in the PDHPE arena.

We are are always looking for ways to further support PDHPE teachers, their students and the wider community, so please contact us if there is something we can do to work with you.

Wishing you a very safe, successful, rewarding, happy and healthy 2017!

Yours in health and wellbeing,

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