Tips, tricks and ideas for converting presentations for online delivery

ACHPER NSW are currently in the process of converting our traditional face to face delivery mode to a hybrid delivery model. This is in recognition of the difficulties some regional and remote teachers have in attending face to face workshops in Sydney. To support our valued presenters we have put together this page of tips and tricks and how-to videos for working in Zoom.

Tip 1: Provide opportunities for interaction with the participants

Depending on the size of the group you are working with you have a couple of options to promote interaction between you as the host and the participants. For smaller groups encourage participants to have their video and microphones on and encourage group discussion. For larger groups, ask questions of the group and ask them to respond via the chat window.

Tip 2: Provide opportunities for participants to collaborate with each other

One of the aspects of workshops and conferences that are highly regarded by participants is the networking opportunities with colleagues to share ideas, strategies and challenges. We want to replicate this in the online delivery setting so the more opportunities you can build into your presentation that allow for sharing between participants the more valuable they will find your session.

Zoom’s breakout room feature allows you to break the group into smaller groups which allows greater level of interactivity and more active conversations. The video below gives you an overview of how the breakout rooms work and some of the additional features available in the rooms.



Tip 3: Check for understanding during your session

Zoom has a polling function that can be used to check for understanding during your session. For ease of management it is best to pre-load these polls to avoid any delays or disruptions during the presentation. If you provide the ACHPER team with your poll questions beforehand we will ensure they are pre-loaded before your session. The following video provides an overview of how Polling works within your session.

Tip 4: Screen sharing and annotation

You will presenting any powerpoint slides you have via the Screen Share functionality in Zoom. When presenting your screen you are also able to use annotation tools to highlight specific aspects of your presentation or to use them to fill in templates. The video below provides an overview of these features.


Tip 5: Managing participants during your session

As a co-host of the session you will have a range of features that allow you to manage the participants. The most basic features allow you to mute or unmute participants. The following video outlines other settings and features you may need to use when hosting your session.

Tip 6: Encourage participants to let you know how they are going

It is really important to check in regularly with participants to see how they are going and to check if they have any questions or concerns. This can be done very simply by encouraging participants to use the two reaction button (Applause or thumbs up) that can be accessed through the reactions tab in their navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively they can open the Participants window from their navigation bar and they get the options of “yes”, “No”, “go faster”, “go slower”, “Thumbs up”, “thumbs down”, “applause”, “need a break”. If participants use any of these buttons it will show up against their name in the host’s participant list window. Once you have seen their selection you can clear all using the button at the bottom of your Manage participants window.

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