1. How long is my membership for?

Your membership is for 12 months from the day you join. You will receive notification from ACHPER National that your membership is due.

2. Can I get my school to pay for my membership?

Yes, you can get the school to pay for your membership. ACHPER still requires the name of a contact person who will receive updates, emails, newsletters etc.

3. Can the membership be in a school’s name?

No, membership to ACHPER is on an individual base ONLY and is non transferable. See question 2 for information if your school pays for a membership

3. Is a membership tranferable to another staff member who wishes to attend an ACHPER workshop and is not a member?

No, membership is no transferable. It is for an individual

4. Is my membership tax deductible?

Yes, you are recognised as being part of a professional organisation

5. Is my membership transferable from one State to another?

Yes, as a member of ACHPER NSW you are also a member of ACHPER National. Each organisation has it’s own member area which you can access via a user name and password.

6. What’s happened to the MEMBERS area of the ACHPER NSW website? I can’t access it anymore.

In order to make more content available to all teachers rather than restricting some content to members only we are replacing the members login process with member discounts that can be redeemed on all purchases through our online store.

In order to access the on-demand webinars, PowerPoint presentations and teacher resources available through our online store members will need to use the discount code that will be sent to them via email when new products are advertised.

You should have received an email providing discount codes for all resources that were previously available free to members. These codes will be applied at checkout and will reduce the cost to $0.

If you did not receive the email please contact the office and they will organise to re-send the email.

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