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NESA has released the new Stage 6 Health and Movement Science (HMS) syllabus. It signals the start of an exciting time in PDHPE and ACHPER NSW is here to support you with the implementation.

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Professional learning events

ACHPER NSW has a comprehensive program of professional learning across 2023 and 2024. Our focus is on customisable resources. We’ve translated the new syllabus into teacher-friendly sample program frameworks you can personalise to your student cohort needs.

Our Stage 6 HMS professional learning has been co-designed by ACHPER NSW staff together with experienced and practising PDHPE teachers.

Leading Year 11 HMS Faculty Planning
A one-day workshop for those leading planning. Unpack the syllabus and start creating scope and sequence, unit frameworks and assessment schedules with our templates and resources. View all events

Designing Year 11 HMS unit plans workshop
A practical one-day workshop unpacking the Year 11 HMS course. Explore sample scope and sequence and start creating Year 11 units of work with our new programming resources.  View all events

Assessing Year 11 HMS workshop
Start designing your school assessment schedule at this new one-day workshop.  Identify opportunities for formative assessment and design a Collaborative Investigation that is efficient for teachers and sets students up for HSC success. View all events


HMS syllabus familiarisation
Janice Atkin and Clare Roden from ACHPER NSW take a high-level look at the course structure and requirements in this one hour webinar. 70 minutes; August 2023

Year 11 HMS scope and sequence
We asked 7 experienced PDHPE teachers about Year 11 HMS scope and sequence. How will they approach it?  5 minutes; February 2024

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Our co-design team

Our Stage 6 HMS professional learning has been co-designed by ACHPER NSW staff together with a team of experienced and practising PDHPE teachers:

Alex LuptonAlex Lupton, Head Teacher, Teaching and Learning, Heathcote High School
Alex has extensive teaching experience across all three teaching sectors. She has been a PDHPE teacher, mentor, head teacher and senior education officer and has taught all PDHPE curriculum areas. Alex has been involved in various NESA curriculum advisory groups and presented ACHPER workshops for both PASS and Stage 6 PDHPE.

Pam WilliamsPam Williams, Head Teacher Administration, Lisarow High School
Pam has been an educator for 30 years, with experience as Head Teacher PDHPE and Administration at various schools. Pam’s expert knowledge of PDHPE curriculum planning and syllabus has seen her lead and drive change across a wide range of initiatives. Pam firmly believes in the value of developing and nurturing relationships for effective teaching and learning.

Kyle Sutton, Head Teacher PDHPE and Languages, Merewether High School
Kyle has been a head teacher in Sydney and Newcastle for the past 7 years and has been an ACHPER NSW Board member since 2016. He has been a presenter for ACHPER NSW on curriculum and consulted with a range of stakeholders to promote teacher quality and professional learning.

Alex Walters, Director of Learning for Wellbeing, St Brigid’s Catholic College, Lake Munmorah
Alex has been teaching PDHPE for 19 years including Stage 6 PDHPE and CAFS since 2007. She has held head of Department roles from 2008-2018. Alex is also an experienced senior marker and has presented on numerous occasions for ACHPER.

Terrence Kwok, R/Head Teacher PDHPE, Sylvania High School
Terrence has undertaken roles as Relieving Head Teacher, Teaching & Learning, Sports Organiser, Stage 6 PDHPE coordinator, and has led a number of whole school professional development initiatives designed to improve teacher capacity. Terrence is the Sydney South West Touch Convenor and is an experienced teacher of Stage 6 PDHPE.

Kelly Pfeiffer, Senior Education Officer, Teaching Quality and Impact, Department of Education
An innovative educator with years of experience, Kelly has developed a reputation for excellence in the classroom and as a leader and networking champion. Kelly has a keen eye for emerging trends and technologies, seeking new and creative ways to engage students and inspire learning. Kelly’s work includes designing engaging curricula using project-based learning and collaborative inquiry approaches.

Simon Board, Director PDHPE and Sport, Kambala
Simon is an experienced leader in PDHPE with a passion for curriculum and innovation. He has worked with NESA and other non-government organisations developing syllabus aligned resources. He has been involved extensively in syllabus development, review and implementation and has a keen interest in the new Stage 6 HMS syllabus.

Lisa BauerLisa Bauer, Head Teacher PDHPE, James Ruse Agricultural High School
Lisa has been a head teacher PDHPE for 14 years, with extensive Stage 6 and HSC marking experience. She has taught in both the independent and public sector and holds a Master of Teaching from the University of Sydney. Lisa is involved in improving pedagogical practices through mentoring, professional development groups and working with teachers on their accreditation processes.

James MuirJames Muir, PDHPE teacher, NOVO Education Space, Illawarra
James is an experienced Stage 6 teacher who has presented regularly for ACHPER NSW at Stage 6 conferences and workshops. James has a deep knowledge of the Core 2 content and designs innovative, interactive and educational practical experiences for students that make the learning stick.

Clare RodenClare Roden
Clare has been a secondary PDHPE teacher for 15 years, including head teacher for 11 years. She has sat on multiple curriculum and HSC advisory groups, and was a HSC marker for 8 years. Clare has been part of ACHPER NSW team for more than a decade as a presenter, vice president and board member. Clare is currently a sessional lecturer at the University of Wollongong and has presented widely on K-12 PDHPE.

Janice AtkinJanice Atkin, Professional Learning Officer, ACHPER NSW
Janice has worked as a PDHPE teacher, Head Teacher and curriculum consultant for 30 years. She has extensive experience with curriculum development in NSW, Australia and internationally, and recently managed the review of the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education. Janice provides professional development, support and resources for departments, schools and teachers across Australia.

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