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We’ve done all the hard work for you by creating extensive revision activities in student friendly booklets for all Core and Option modules and there’s also Exam Technique webinars.

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Core 1 – identifying priority health issues
  • social justice principles
  • priority population groups
  • prevalence of condition
  • potential for prevention and early intervention
  • costs to the individual and community
Core 2 – recovery strategies
  • physiological strategies,
  • hydration
  • neural strategies, eg hydrotherapy, massage
  • tissue damage strategies, eg cryotherapy
  • psychological strategies, eg relaxation.
Sports Medicine – rehabilitation procedures
  • progressive mobilisation
  • graduated exercise (stretching, conditioning, total body fitness)
  • training
  • use of heat and cold
Improving Performance- use of technology
  • training innovation, eg lactate threshold testing, biomechanical analysis
  • equipment advances, eg swimsuits, golf ball
Exam Technique

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Core 1
  • complementary and alternative health care approaches
Core 2
  • stages of skill acquisition
  • assessment of skill and performance
  • validity and reliability of tests
Sports Medicine – How does sports medicine address the demands of specific athletes?children and young athletes 
  • medical conditions (asthma, diabetes, epilepsy) 
  • overuse injuries (stress fractures) each is managed.
  • thermoregulation
  • appropriateness of resistance training
Improving Performance – How do athletes train for improved performance?
anaerobic training (power and speed)
  • developing power through resistance/weight training
  • plyometrics
  • short interval
 Exam Technique

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Exam Technique 
  • Exam structure eg sections, time allocation and length of exam
  • Strategies for answering multiple choice questions
  • Ideas to help write short response and extended responses
  • Planning your answers
Core 1 – Groups experiencing health inequities
  • Learn About: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
  • Learn to : Research and analyse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People as a group experiencing health inequities
Core 2
  • Types of Energy Systems
  • Types of Training and training methods
Improving Performance 

Focus Question – What are the elements to be considered when designing training sessions?

Sports Medicine

Focus Question: How does Sports Medicine Address the demands of Specific Athletes – specifically aged and female athletes.

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