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Tips on relaxing and recharging over the holidays

How to . these holidays Teachers regularly have to juggle many competing demands. As a result, they can easily put other people’s mental health and wellbeing needs ahead of their own. However, it’s important that teachers take the time to prioritise their own mental health and wellbeing during the holiday break to make sure the

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Celebrating our awesome presenters

2020 has definitely been a year to remember. Initially the challenges of the heatwave and bushfires had schools working over time to support students and their wider communities. Then to top that off we had the COVID breakout that through us all into the brave new world of remote teaching. For ACHPER NSW it also

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Changes in NESA accreditation of PD providers

On Monday 30 November the Minister for Education, Sarah Mitchell announced that endorsement of all currently NESA Endorsed Providers is cancelled and Registered courses are deregistered effective immediately. This is as a result of an internal review by NESA of its process for endorsing professional development (PD) providers and courses announced in July. What is

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Are you a PE Pioneer?

We are looking to form a team of enthusiastic and innovative teachers to work with us to co-construct our professional learning program for 2021.  A key focus of our professional learning program is on revitalising PE in schools through quality programming, innovative pedagogy and student-centred assessment.   If you want to get on the front foot

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ACHPER NSW Community Survey – 2020

Community survey – What you told us ACHPER NSW conducted their inaugural Community Survey in October 2020 with a total of 120 respondents completing the survey. The following report provides a summary of key demographic data and responses that have been used to construct audience segments and their related professional learning needs and preferences. Who

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Board member Luke Adams wins state award on World Teachers Day

Outstanding Professional Service Award This award is made by the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW on behalf of professional associations in recognition of the voluntary work undertaken by committee members of professional teachers’ associations. The award recognises individual committee member’s outstanding professional contribution to education in NSW made through a professional teachers’ association. Luke Adams –

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What does quality physical education look like?

What makes a quality physical education program? Well if you go to Google for the answer you could be a while coming to any conclusions … 1, 520,000,000 – that’s a lot of zeros. And a lot of people who have made an attempt to answer the question. The first result that comes up is

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Catch up PL: Stage 6 PDHPE and CAFS

Term 4: Opportunity for catch up PL in Stage 6 CAFS and PDHPE What a year 2020 has been, with untold disruptions to teaching, assessment and your professional learning. The COVID restrictions have meant our usual smorgasbord of face to face professional learning offerings for PDHPE and CAFS teachers has been drastically reduced this year.

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ACHPER NSW Community Survey

ACHPER NSW Community Survey We need to hear from you about what ACHPER NSW can do to help make your work life easier.  Our Community Survey gives you the chance to have input into our plans for professional learning, resource development and promotions over the next three years. Have your say in the survey below

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Unfriendly friendships

Unfriendly friendships – bullying by another name? Recently released their latest research report, titled Unfriendly Friendships. It has found that textbook definitions of bullying are missing the mark with young people. The report concluded that young people found it difficult to label their experiences as bullying, particularly if the bullying comes from a friend,

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