New ACHPER Life Members

Janice Atkin

May 2024

ACHPER NSW is very proud to announce two of our long-standing members have been newly announced as Life Members ACHPER AustraliaJanice Atkin and Ann McClintock. Huge congratulations to these very hardworking and deserved health and education leaders.

Janice Atkin

Janice Atkin, LMACHPER
Janice has been an integral member of ACHPER for 27 years. Her passion, dedication, professionalism, and advocacy for health and physical education both within NSW and nationally is exceptional.

Committed to keeping ACHPER at the forefront of educational advancements, Janice had been both board member and President of ACHPER NSW, a national board member, and presenter at state, national, and international levels. She has collaborated with a wide range of institutions, such as Australian Curriculum Assessment Reporting Authority and multiple Departments of Education, to ensure optimal outcomes for Australian students. Her advocacy work and strategic counsel have significantly influenced Australian health and physical education.

Janice has made key contributions to the innovation of Australian curriculum to deliver healthy and active lifestyles to educators and students. Her lasting impact on ACHPER and health and physical education makes her a highly deserving recipient of the ACHPER Life Membership.

Ann McClintock

Ann McClintock, LMACHPER
An ACHPER member for 49 years, Ann made an invaluable contribution to both ACHPER NSW and ACHPER national. She served as both President and a board member of ACHPER NSW for over a decade, bringing great purpose and leadership to our organisation. Additionally, Ann was a dedicated national board member for four years.

Ann was awarded Fellow member status in 1986, highlighting her ongoing engagement and impact within ACHPER. She was particularly active on constitution and governance matters, as well as the driving the National Awards committee for eight years.

Ann’s long-standing, unwavering commitment and contribution to ACHPER and to health and physical education in Australia is highly valued and makes her a most deserving recipient of ACHPER Life Membership.

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