2020 has definitely been a year to remember. Initially the challenges of the heatwave and bushfires had schools working over time to support students and their wider communities. Then to top that off we had the COVID breakout that through us all into the brave new world of remote teaching.

For ACHPER NSW it also brought some pretty radical changes in the way we worked. The office was shutdown and we all started working from home. We became experts quickly in Zoom and Teams in order to continue to support teachers with their shift in work patterns.

All of our face to face workshops had to be cancelled and we bravely decided to test the waters with virtual Zoom workshops. We dipped our toes in with a PASS workshop in March and soon realised there were more positives than negatives from taking our professional learning online. In June we ran our first virtual Stage 6 conference offering 20 workshops over 2 days in 2 virtual meeting rooms. The conference was a huge success and has changed the way we will plan our workshops and conferences into the future. More to come on that in a future blog post.

None of this would have been possible without our Creative Amazing Passionate Dedicated Generous Expert presenters

Alison Pool
Belinda Haroutonian
Cass Mowbray
Chantelle Wilson
Clare Roden
Cristy Budd
Dom Sidaros
Elle Reynolds
Emily McLachlan
Greg Forrest
Hayley Dean
James Muir
Jane Cormack
Janice Atkin
Karen Ingram
Kim Harper
Kirsty Payne
Lisa Bauer
Luke Adams
Mark Wright
Matthew Duncan
Meagan Gadd
Megan Hearne
Michelle Maher
Natalie Sinderberry
Nicole Wheeler
Pam Findlay
Pam Williams
Rhiannon Lambert
Shannon Cameron
Sheree Clarke
Sue Turnbull
Tim Bollard
Veronica Brogden
Yolande Jury
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