On Monday 30 November the Minister for Education, Sarah Mitchell announced that endorsement of all currently NESA Endorsed Providers is cancelled and Registered courses are deregistered effective immediately. This is as a result of an internal review by NESA of its process for endorsing professional development (PD) providers and courses announced in July.

What is changing for providers like ACHPER NSW?

The main change is that NESA will no longer endorse providers or register professional development in the way it has done in the past. Under the new Policy, individual courses will be assessed and accredited by NESA according to principles of effective professional learning and specific criteria in priority areas. The new Policy aims to ensure that all teachers engage in effective, high-quality PD to support their ongoing professional learning and development against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

What does it mean for teachers accessing ACHPER NSW workshops and webinars?

Although our accreditation and registration has been cancelled, we are still able to continue to deliver planned sessions of previously NESA Registered PD and upload participation data to eTAMS up until midnight Friday 5 February 2021.

If you complete an ACHPER NSW workshop, webinar or online course before 4th February 2021, you will still be accredited with the advertised accredited hours.

What does it mean for ACHPER NSW PD in the future?

It is still early days in the transition to the new Policy and systems associated with accredited PD provision. NESA will provide further details about the priority areas for PD, criteria and application requirements for NESA Accredited PD by the end of 2020.

As soon as the new process is made available ACHPER NSW will be applying for accreditation of all courses, workshops and webinars currently planned for 2021. As the leading provider of quality professional learning for teachers in the PDHPE learning area, we are confident that we will meet the new NESA Accredited PD requirements.

To find out more about the changes to PD provision in 2021 go to the NESA website.

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