Early career teacher mentoring

ACHPER NSW offers an Early Career Teacher Mentoring Program to those starting out in their PDHPE teaching careers.

To be eligible, you’ll need to:

  • Be a member of ACHPER NSW – only $110pa for new teachers – find out how to join
  • Have attended our 2022 Early Career Teacher conference.

About the mentoring program

Our Early Career Teacher Mentoring Program gives you direct access to the ACHPER NSW professional learning team, Janice Atkin and Clare Roden, as well as other experienced teachers. You’ll also connect with other early career teachers, sharing your ideas, challenges and problem-solve together.

The program includes:

(1) Monthly mentoring debrief
Mentoring program participants access a monthly online chat with the ACHPER NSW team and other experienced teachers.  You can use the session to get answers to questions you can’t get at school. Or if you have a problem or challenge you’re not sure how to tackle. 

(2) Small group collaborative design teams 
If you’ve been given the job of developing units, writing assessment tasks, designing innovative learning activities, you’ll benefit from collaborating. As part of the mentoring program, we can team you up with others working on similar tasks and link you with an experienced teacher who will facilitate the design process.

1. Join ACHPER NSW first.
2. Once you’re a member, email Janice Atkin proflearning@achper.com.au

If you’d just like to chat about the program, email Janice Atkin proflearning@achper.com.au

Meet the ACHPER NSW Professional Learning team

Janice Atkin

Janice Atkin, ACHPER NSW Professional Learning Officer
Has worked as a PDHPE teacher, Head Teacher and curriculum consultant for 30 years. She has extensive experience with curriculum development in NSW, Australia and internationally, and is currently managing the review of the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education. Janice provides professional development, support and resources for departments, schools and teachers across Australia.

Clare Roden

Clare Roden, ACHPER NSW Learning Support
Clare has been a secondary PDHPE for 15 years, including head teacher for 11 years. She has sat on multiple curriculum and HSC advisory groups, and was a HSC marker for 8 years. Clare has been part of ACHPER NSW team for more than a decade as a presenter, vice president and board member. Clare is currently a sessional lecturer at the University of Wollongong and has presented widely on K-12 PDHPE and CAFS to teachers and schools across NSW.

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