PDHPE Masterclass materials

ACHPER NSW PDHPE Masterclasses explore new health and movement research. Each Masterclass is presented by leading experts establishing the evidence-base for health and physical education. See UPCOMING EVENTS

Masterclass recordings

Reimagine Games and Sports
June 2022

With Justen O’Connor, Laura Alfrey (Monash University) and Dawn Penney, Edith Cowan University
Our syllabus has focused on four key game categories for teaching for over a decade.  However, physical activity participation is changing and researchers question whether the approach needs to be rethought. This new research proposes establishing a classification system that is inclusive of a wider range of games and sports. Justen, Laura and Dawn will unpack the categories and explore how this new thinking can translate in your PDHPE program.

Helping low-motivated students
May 2022

With Dr Dana Perlman, University of Wollongong
Dr Dana Perlman discusses his research into understanding and assisting low-motivated students in physical education. Dr Perlman’s study examined how different forms of teacher instruction, based within Self Determination Theory, can influence amotivated students’ motivational responses within secondary physical education.

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