17 December 2021

Janice Atkin 
Professional Learning Officer

Clare Roden 
Professional Learning Support 

Like many things in education in 2021, the ACHPER NSW professional learning plan was dynamic.  We found opportunities in the challenges that COVID presented and worked to ensure that PDHPE teachers across NSW were supported.

Rethinking physical education

A focus for 2021 was to engage teachers in the co-design of professional learning.

In February, a group of passionate PDHPE teachers across K – 10 came together along with academic partners Greg Forrest (University of Wollongong) and Gareth Long (Australian College of Physical Education) to design and plan new workshops.

They explored ways to challenge PDHPE teachers to deliver physical education that was intentional, purposeful, and meaningful for all students. 

The result of the groups’ work was the Reimagining Physical Education workshops series. The first two workshops were held at the end of Term 4, with more planned for 2022.  

New professional learning formats

With face-to-face workshops put on hold for most of 2021, ACHPER NSW looked to new ways to support teachers, via formats such as blogs and resources.

Through online training, we were able to reach a greater number of PDHPE teachers. It was fantastic to see an increase in uptake of professional learning by teachers in rural and remote areas.

Offering more after school webinars also aimed to reduce the burden of casual relief.

Online formats also meant we could engage expert presenters from outside NSW and from overseas, who generously shared their knowledge around a variety of topics. 

We look forward to finding new ways to support NSW PDHPE teachers in 2022. Look out for professional learning opportunities such as:

  • sample resources that model and scaffold best practice
  • blogs that explore current issues/topics in PDHPE
  • webinars delivered by both academics and exemplary practioners
  • hybrid workshops that will be both face to face and virtual.  

Thank you teachers

Thank to all our passionate workshop participants for being adaptable, resilient, and for choosing ACHPER NSW to assist in building their capacity to support their students in 2021.    

Feedback on ACHPER NSW professional learning has been overwhelmingly positive. Teachers have indicated that it has led to an increased level of knowledge, understanding and confidence to improve the learning outcomes for students.  Over 80% of participants agreed they would recommend ACHPER NSW to their colleagues. 

We will take all your feedback into 2022 and continue to plan a wide variety of professional learning opportunities.

We hope you have a relaxing Christmas and New Year and look forward to working with you again in 2022. 

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