NSW Early Career Teacher member

$100.00 inc GST / year

Open to all early career teachers that meet the course specification of Full Membership who are in their first two years of teaching.

Benefits of Early Career Teacher Membership with ACHPER NSW include:

  • Membership of “PDHPE Community” provides ECTs with discussions with experienced teachers and alerts them to what is relevant in the industry in real time.  
  • Membership of “PDHPE Community” allows ECTs to be part of a Graduate only group  
  • Membership of “PDHPE Community” allows ECTs to be part of circumstance groups e.g. remote area teaching 
  • Membership of “PDHPE Community” allows ECTs to be part of interest groups e.g. Health or School Sport 
  • Ability to access other members’ posted resources 
  • Access to resources from conferences, webinars and workshops run by ACHPER NSW 
  • Access to Tip of the Week  
  • Access to the member only resources on website. 
  • Member discount for all professional learning provided by ACHPER NSW 
  • Free Q&A with teachers who are leaders in the profession 
  • Free Q&As with respected external people/organisations in the PDHPE sector 


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