December 2022

ACHPER NSW engages with knowledgable teachers and academics across NSW and Australia to provide professional development opportunities for PDHPE Teachers in NSW/ACT.

We would like to say a big thank to everyone in 2022 who has given up their time to generously share their knowledge and expertise with PDHPE and CAFS, that showcases best practice and the latest evidence-based research around teaching Health and Physical Education.

A/Prof Rebecca Moles
Adam Bunce
Alex Lupton
Alex Walters
Andre Adam-De-Villers
Angus Glynne
Brendan Lee
Brendan Jones
Cassie Mowbray
Chantelle Wilson
Cindy Waldock
Clare Roden
Courtney Barnes
Damian Hannan
Damian Hurley
Dana Perlman
David Hook
Dom Sidaros
Dr Angus Leahy
Dr Courtney Barnes
Dr Debra Phillips
Dr Emma Devine
Dr Emma Pollock
Dr Justen O’Connor
Dr Kelly Ann Parry
Dr Lauren Gardner
Dr Levi Wade
Dr Rebecca Hodder
Dr Shaun Wilkinson
Dr Stephen Carter

Emily McLachlan
Emmanuel Karayiannis
Glenn Carpenter
Holly Akhurst
Huw Blood
Jackie Hicks
James Muir
Jane Cormak
Janice Atkin
Jeannette James
Jenny Walsh
Jessica Stojkovski
John Cunynghame
Jonathan Phuong
Karen Halwagy
Katherine Bates
Kellie Kells
Kim Harper
Kristen Douglas
Kristie Crawford
Kristy Oldfield
Kristy O’Mahony
Kyle Sutton
Laura Alfrey
Lauren Andersen
Leah Nye
Leisl Stimpson
Lisa Bauer

Lisa Quinn
Louisa Bailey
Luke Adams
Mark Wright
Martin Stein
Matt Mulcahy
Megan Gadd
Michelle Maher
Natalie Auremi
Nick Mullvihill
Nicole Wheeler
Pam Williams
Pat Landy
Patricia Raikadroka
Professor Dawn Penney
Rebecca Jackson
Rebecca Kennedy
Rebecca Powell
Rebecca Sammut-Alessi
Renee West
Riley McGowan
Shannon Cameron
Sheree Clarke
Simon Board
Simone Hope
Sonja Majic
Sonya Laverty
Stephanie Pearce
Terrence Kwok
Veronica Brogden

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