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Are you new to teaching Stage 6 PDHPE or just want to know the secrets of successful teachers?

We asked Alison Pool, PDHPE teacher Prairiewood High School, to provide her top tips for achieving success when teaching Stage 6 PDHPE.

1. Understand the HSC Requirements.

It is important to make sure you know what is expected of you as a teacher in relation to NESA guidelines, including number of hours and lessons per topic.

2. Know your syllabus.

It is essential to really know and understand each part of the topics that you are teaching to prepare students for the HSC.

3. Teach the options that work best for your students.

Each cohort of students is different and as such, the options you choose for your class needs to be their specific strengths.

4. Know your key terminology (i.e. verbs) when developing responses to questions.

This includes the use of scaffolding to assist students with their answers.

5. Practise both multiple choice and extended response questions.

It is important to utilise past HSC questions or similar types of questions so that students are familiar with and ready for the HSC. Be specific with time and writing space to replicate requirements of the HSC.

6. Work collaboratively.

Work collaboratively with other teachers and do simulated marking with experienced HSC teachers to ensure marking of responses is accurate.

Alison is the presenter of ACHPER NSW’s Teaching Stage 6 PDHPE for the first time workshop.

October 2021

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