ACHPER NSW conferences

Due to COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings, plans for our upcoming conferences have been put on hold until venues re-open and large gatherings are once again allowed.

More information will be posted on these links once dates and venues are confirmed moving forward.

K-6 conferences

ACHPER NSW runs workshops to support primary school teachers to deliver quality PDHPE and sport programs in their schools

7-10 conference

ACHPER runs an annual conference to support teachers with the delivery of PDHPE, PASS and Child Studies in Years 7-10.

Stage 6 conference

ACHPER NSW's Stage 6 conference is the key professional development opportunity for teachers of Stage 6 PDHPE and CAFS.

Stage 6 Virtual conference 2020

2020 saw ACHPER NSW move the annual conference into the virtual space for the first time. It was a highly successful event and allowed us to record every session delivered. Watch Hayley Dean’s keynote that kicked off the conference.

Keynote address - Future Ready Learners (Hayley Dean)

Access the session recordings

ACHPER NSW Members can access these recordings through the Stage 6 Resources page. You need to be logged in to access the resources.

Purchase access to the session recordings

If you missed out on attending the conference, or if you were a delegate and you want to watch the sessions you didn't make it to, you can now purchase access to the recordings.

PDHPE sessions

CAFS sessions

General sessions

  • Applying energy systems to sports performance – James Muir
  • Core 1 – Health of Young People – Kim Harper
  • Exploring the principles of social justice – Michelle Maher
  • Critical thinking for deep inquiry – Janice Atkin
  • Core 1 – Health care in Australia – Janice Atkin
  • Learning environment and stages of skill acquisition – Pam Williams
  • Innovative ways to teach Research Methodologies through the IRP – Marie Bugge and Alex Kolding
  • Social Impact of Technology – Sue Turnbull
  • Investigating groups in context – Inequity and government policy and legislation – Rebecca May
  • Resource management: Needs and wants and Maslow’s Hierarchy – Jackie Morrison
  • Parenting and Caring – Social Parenting – Kelly Overhaul
  • Purposeful assessment: What can it look like? Nick Mulvihill
  • Building opportunities for collaboration into your teaching – Dominique Sidaros
  • Teacher Wellbeing: Looking after yourself – Veronica Brogden
  • Teaching creativity in Stage 6 – Brenda Doran-Higgins

Other conference recordings

K-6 conference keynote – Nick Riley

Physical activity and academic performance

Stage 6 conference – Mick Davies  

Exam technique
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