Stage 6 Curriculum reform update

1 February 2023

Recap on key points to date: 

  • NESA published curriculum reform timelines in October 2022. See NESA website. In our learning area, this included: 
    • 2023: New 7-10 syllabus consultation
    • 2023: New Stage 6 HMS syllabus release 
  • Given the NESA sets out the Stage 6 syllabus is expected to be implemented in 2024, it’s assumed the Stage 6 syllabus will be available in early 2023 to allow adequate time for planning.

As at today 1 February 2023, there have been no further NESA updates on curriculum reform or Stage 6 syllabus release. 

Reaching out to the Minister and NESA 

To seek clarification on timelines and advocate greater engagement, late last year ACHPER NSW and the PDHPE Teachers Association wrote to The Hon. Sarah Mitchell, Minister for Education and Mr Paul Martin, CEO NESA. 

“Although there is still no firm date for the new Stage 6 syllabus release, ACHPER NSW is continuing to work on professional learning and resource plans, so we’ll be ready to support schools,” said Tracy Puckeridge, CEO ACHPER NSW. 

“ACHPER NSW will continue to lobby and advocate on behalf of PDHPE teachers to ensure that the syllabus development and implementation processes reflect the needs of teachers and their students,” said Tracy. 

Tips for getting prepared 

In preparation for the syllabus release, there are initial planning tasks that PDHPE leaders and teachers can undertake now in preparation.  

First and foremost, most schools are in the process of budget and professional learning planning for 2023.  Consider what will you need to prepare and plan for a new syllabus rollout in 2024. 

Questions to consider:

  • Who in your faculty will lead Stage 6 implementation? 
  • What support will they require to do this well? e.g. relief, resources, access to PL
  • Which teachers will support the planning and programming processes? 
  • How can you tap into your professional networks to share the load? 
  • How can you carve out time to undertake the planning and programming activities in 2023? 

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