28 January 2022

School is back. Two priority areas for many teachers in these first few weeks is classroom management and explicit instruction.

The Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO) provide two great evidence-based guides to help. Best of all, they’re simple and quick to read.

1. Focussed classroom practice guide
The guide breaks down 4 essential practices:
1. Establish a system of rules and routines from day one.
2. Explicitly teach and model appropriate behaviour.
3. Hold all students to high standards.
4. Actively engage students in their learning
Go to the full guide (AERO website)

2. Explicit instruction practice guide
This guide details 4 key practices:
1. Break down complex skills and knowledge into smaller instructional tasks.
2. Use worked examples to demonstrate what your students need to learn.
3. Provide opportunities for students to practise what they have already learned.
4. Organise lessons to keep students focused on the learning objective.
Go to the full guide (AERO website)

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