Leading Year 11 HMS Faculty Planning

19 September 2023
By Janice Atkin, Professional Learning Officer, ACHPER NSW

Janice Atkin, Leading HMS Faculty Planning workshop

With the release of the new Stage 6 HMS syllabus, ACHPER NSW’s new professional learning program kicked off in Term 3. This included the Leading Faculty Planning for Year 11 HMS workshop.

Over 60 PDHPE Heads of Department and Leaders attended the first two workshops.  So what were the insights from those already jumping into HMS planning?

There’s a buzz

Firstly, there is genuine excitement for the new syllabus. It’s been a long time coming – teachers loved unpacking it and considering what it could look like at their schools.

Teachers are keen to kick off the programming process, with most recognising the significant work to be done over the next 18 months to produce a high-quality program.

Our workshop involved critiquing a range of sample Year 11 scope and sequences and assessment schedules. Teachers shared how their school policies and procedures would influence programs, particularly assessment schedules and sequencing of content and timing of depth studies and collaborative investigations.

It was commendable how hard the groups worked to develop their draft scope and sequence and plan the next steps back at school.

Key observations

When it came to the syllabus itself, the teachers generally agreed it’s not all new – a huge relief to many. A large amount of familiar content has just been moved from Year 12 into the Year 11 course. That said, there is new syllabus content and features, and the intent and delivery of some familiar content has changed.

Two notable aspects teachers grappled with were the depth studies and collaborative investigation. There was much discussion and collaboration around the nature, timing and structure of both.

What we learned

Feedback on our Leading Year 11 HMS Faculty Planning workshop has been positive. Teachers most valued the opportunity to create their own Year 11 scope and sequence, along with unpacking the syllabus, comparing content and better understanding depth studies and collaborative investigations.

Working with colleagues from other schools and sharing ideas was beneficial and brought alternate thinking to how the syllabus could be delivered in Year 11.

The practical, hands-on nature of the workshop was a winner with the teachers. Many commented on the value of delving into the detail of the syllabus without distraction. Additionally, the usefulness of a structured process that led to a tangible product – their own Year 11 scope and sequence.

As a result of feedback, ACHPER NSW is working on:

  • additional sample scope and sequences to share with teachers during our Term 4 workshops
  • designing workshops for Term 1 2024 focusing on:
    • programming and assessing Year 11 HMS
    • designing engaging depth studies
    • implementing effective collaborative investigations.

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