13 December 2021
By Janice Atkin, 
Professional Learning Officer

PDHPE professional learning for summer – some great videos, podcasts and articles to keep you thinking. My recommendations cover a range of topics from advocating for our subject area, working effectively in teams to using gamification to increase engagement and build 21st century skills.


How PE can affect academic achievement - Steven Mikael (AB Paterson College, Qld)

Want smarter, healthier kids? Try physical education


Making Teams More Collaborative

Simple but powerful advice: Clear roles, expectations, and reflection can improve collaboration.

How to Use Gameplay to Enhance Classroom Learning

Research shows that using games in teaching can help increase student participation, foster social and emotional learning, and motivate students to take risks.


DisruptEd Podcast Episode #1 Andy Vasily and Jorge Rodriguez – The Dodgeball Paradox

The Dodgeball Paradox states, how can we justify playing a physically aggressive game in a safe learning environment? This podcast will explore the history of the game and how it has changed. The dodgeball paradox is meant to provoke thoughts and discussion around appropriate physical education practices and the role of the physical education teacher in providing meaningful learning experiences for all students.

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