Using a virtual escape room to increase engagement

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An escape room is traditionally a room where people (usually in teams) work together to solve puzzles. The use of clues assists participants to solve each puzzle to help them escape the room. They each have different themes. Patricia Raikadroka from Merrylands HS shares her steps for creating and using virtual escape rooms to increase student engagement with her lessons.

My journey started when I discovered escape rooms at Scram in Parramatta and it got me thinking how can I replicate the excitement and engagement with my students. In this blog post and presentation I will take you through the resources you’ll need and the steps to replicate one of these in your classrooms …without any fancy tools … its all free!

Getting started 

Thanks to Bespoke ELA, I have been able to use her easy guide to creating a Digital Escape Room.  

With the development of Google Classrooms and G Suite applications such as Google Forms, I was motivated to create an innovative way to address syllabus content. This use of a High Leverage strategy allowed me to develop a game that can be adapted in future to engage students in their learning.

Watch the presentation below to show you the steps I used to create my CAFS escape room.

ACHPER VLOG 2021 by Miss Raikadroka

Have a go at my Virtual Escape Room to see if it is something that could be used in your classroom  

You will need CAFS Syllabus pages 33-36. Use this link to access the CAFS syllabus from the NESA website. 

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