PDHPE curriculum reform update March 2023

March 2023

Recap, key points to date:

NESA published curriculum reform timelines in October 2022. See NESA website. In our learning area, this included:

  • 2023: New Stage 6 HMS syllabus release
  • 2023: Draft 7-10 PDHPE syllabus consultation
  • 2023: Draft K-6 PDHPE syllabus consultation

Current situation:

  • As at today 30 March 2023, there have been no further NESA updates on curriculum reform timelines or Stage 6 syllabus release
  • ACHPER NSW plans to write to the new Education Minister Prue Car to seek further information on release and implementation timelines for Stage 6 HMS and draft syllabuses for K-6 and 7-10 PDHPE.

Some teachers have asked ACHPER NSW what support we will provide once the new Stage 6 syllabus is released:

New Stage 6 HMS syllabus – ACHPER NSW support program

ACHPER NSW has a support program to help teachers implement the new Stage 6 HMS syllabus. This includes new webinars, professional learning workshops and resources.

Once NESA releases the syllabus, we’ll roll out the support program including:

Familiarisation webinar

  • Available 2 weeks after syllabus release
  • FREE for all teachers; live after-school webinar

Unpack the key features of the new syllabus, programming requirements, weightings for modules and expectations around depth studies and the collaborative investigation.

Preliminary programming workshops 

  • Available 2 months after syllabus release
  • One-day face-to-face and virtual workshops

Examine the preliminary outcomes and content in detail. We’ll outline the new content and provide sample scope and sequences. The workshop will also include collaborative programming sessions, providing teachers with the opportunity to start planning their own scope and sequence and unit plan.

New content extension sessions 

  • Available 3 months after syllabus release
  • Live webinars after-school

Unpack the new HMS content areas in greater detail with content experts. The session will provide essential knowledge for aspects of the new syllabus such as the Sustainable Development Goals, research skills, examples of depth studies and collaborative investigations, communities of exercise and biomechanical principles.

Preliminary assessment workshops 

  • Available 4 months after syllabus release
  • One-day face-to-face and virtual workshops

Explore the quality processes for assessing the preliminary outcomes and content. We’ll analyse outcomes and provide a range of sample assessment schedules and tasks. The workshop will include collaborative writing sessions, providing teachers with the opportunity to begin planning their assessment schedule and developing ideas for assessment tasks.

Core 1 and 2 resources 

  • Available 5 months after syllabus release
  • Downloadable resources

ACHPER NSW will be working with a team of experienced teachers to develop sample scope and sequences, unit plans, learning sequences, assessment schedules and assessment tasks. 

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