CAFS Recording Bundle 2019

$85.00 inc GST

CAFS Recording Bundle 2019 includes:

Groups in Context

creating positive social environments
addressing the groups’ issues of concern

  • government policy and legislation
  • organisations within the community that support the group
  • equity issues

positive influences on community attitudes

  • advocacy (speaking up for the group’s needs and concerns)
    – raising awareness within the community
    – educating the community
  • promoting the rights of the group

Parenting and caring
– primary
– informal and formal

Social Impact of Technology
technologies and the family
• household technology
• information and communication technology
• entertainment technology

Individuals and work
Workplace structure
• Legislation, eg health and safety, equal employment opportunity

Research methodology
Research fundamentals
• sampling
– methods
– sample group
– sample size
• sources of data
– individuals and groups
– print and digital
• reliability and validity

Please be aware you have a download limit of 2 so be sure to save all material to your computer.

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