HSC Revision Bundle – PDHPE 2019

$50.00 inc GST

5 webinars & student booklet for classroom revision.

Perfect for HSC classroom revision. Our bundles include:

  • Student booklet
  • 1 x Exam technique webinar (45mins)
  • 4 x Revision webinars (25-60mins each).  The 2019 bundle webinars include:

1. Core 1 – complementary and alternative health care approaches
– reasons for growth of complementary and alternative health products and services
– range of products and services available
– how to make informed consumer choices

2. Core 2 – how does acquisition of skill affect performance

– stages of skill acquisition
– assessment of skill and performance
– validity and reliability of tests

3. Sports Medicine – demands of specific athletes

– children and young athletes
– medical conditions (asthma, diabetes, epilepsy)
– overuse injuries (stress fractures) each is managed.
– thermoregulation
– appropriateness of resistance training

4. Improving Performance – how do athletes train for improved performance?
– anaerobic training (power and speed)
– developing power through resistance/weight training
– plyometrics
– short interval

5. Exam technique
– Exam structure and preparation
– Multiple choice and short answers
– Breaking down questions and writing a response

Please be aware you have a download limit of 2 so be sure to save all material to your computer.

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