PDHPE Recording Bundle 2020

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Do you want to give your students the edge when it comes to HSC revision?

Use our pre-recorded webinars with your students during class revision time.

We’ve done all the hard work for you by creating extensive revision activities in student friendly booklets for all Core and Option modules and there’s also an Exam Technique webinar.

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PDHPE Recording Bundle 2020 includes:

Core 1

identifying priority health issues

  • social justice principles
  • priority population groups
  • prevalence of condition
  • potential for prevention and early intervention
  • costs to the individual and community

Core 2

recovery strategies

  • physiological strategies,
  • hydration
  • neural strategies, eg hydrotherapy, massage
  • tissue damage strategies, eg cryotherapy
  • psychological strategies, eg relaxation.

Sports Medicine

rehabilitation procedures

  • progressive mobilisation
  • graduated exercise (stretching, conditioning, total body fitness)
  • training
  • use of heat and cold

Improving Performance

use of technology

  • training innovation, eg lactate threshold testing, biomechanical analysis
  • equipment advances, eg swimsuits, golf ball

Exam Technique

Please be aware you have a download limit of 2 so be sure to save all material to your computer.

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