2018 PDHPE HSC recordings bundle

$35.00 inc GST

This bundle includes all 5 webinars

Exam Technique 

  • Exam structure eg sections, time allocation and length of exam
  • Strategies for answering multiple choice questions
  • Ideas to help write short response and extended responses
  • Planning your answers

Core 1 – Groups experiencing health inequities

  • Learn About: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
  • Learn to : Research and analyse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People as a group experiencing health inequities

Core 2

  • Learn About: Types of Energy Systems
  • Learn To: Analyse each energy system
  • Learn About: Types of Training and training methods
  • Learn To: Assess the relevance of types of training and training methods for a variety of sports

Improving Performance

  • Focus Question: What are the elements to be considered when designing training sessions?

Sports Medicine

  • Focus Question: How does Sports Medicine Address the demands of Specific Athletes – specifically aged and female athletes.
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