Curriculum reform update May 2023

May 2023

NESA published curriculum reform timelines in October 2022. In our learning area, this included a new Stage 6 HMS syllabus release and consultation on draft K-6 and 7-10 PDHPE syllabus.

Current situation

On 5th May 2023, Minister for Education and Early Learning Prue Car announced a revised timeline for curriculum reform. A full reform timeline is being redeveloped by NESA and will be published soon.  The announcement included firm dates for syllabus release in our learning area. 

Term 3 2023:

  • New Stage 6 HMS syllabus release
  • Draft 7-10 PDHPE syllabus consultation
  • Draft K-6 PDHPE syllabus consultation.

New Stage 6 HMS syllabus – ACHPER NSW support program

ACHPER NSW has a support program to help teachers implement the new Stage 6 HMS syllabus. This includes new webinars, professional learning workshops and resources.

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Once NESA releases the syllabus, we’ll roll out the program including:

Free webinar for all teachers. Join us for a high-level look at the structure of the new course including requirements for planning, programming and assessment. The session will also examine depth studies and collaborative investigation. You’ll receive three different scope and sequence plans, unpacking the thinking behind each and what will work best at your school.

When: Term 3 – available 2 weeks after syllabus release
Format: Live 60-90 minute webinar
Cost: Free
Who should attend: All PDHPE teachers
Presenters: Janice Atkin and Clare Roden, ACHPER NSW

Our annual conference will include a New Stage 6 HMS syllabus stream across the two days. Tickets are available now. Proposed workshops include:

  • Unpacking Year 11 HMS outcomes and content
  • Designing a Year 11 HMS scope and sequence
  • Practical ideas for teaching Sustainable Development Goals
  • Designing Depth Studies for Year 11 HMS
  • Practical processes for Collaborative Investigations
  • Innovative ways to teach research skills
  • The inter-relationships between the systems of the body
  • Developing and applying skills to enhance learning in HMS.

This full-day workshop will focus on designing your Year 11 course scope and sequence, unit frameworks and assessment schedule. The day will cover:

  • Syllabus assessment requirements and implications for your planning
  • Key considerations when planning scope and sequence
  • Model processes for planning assessment tasks and weightings
  • Options for scheduling collaborative investigations as part of assessment program
  • Identify opportunities for programming depth studies
  • Critique three sample programs and model how to use these as a basis to create your own school program.

The workshop has been codesigned with experienced teachers to create, templates and resources you can use to lead your faculty planning.

When: Available Term 3 and 4 2023, Term 1 2024
Format: Full day, face-to-face and online
Cost: TBC
Who should attend: PDHPE Head teachers, Leaders of Learning, Heads of Department and PDHPE Coordinators.
Presenters: Janice Atkin and Clare Roden, ACHPER NSW together with experienced teachers as co-presenters.

Then in 2024 we’ll offer:

A full-day workshop unpacking the outcomes and content of the Year 11 HMS course. This practical session includes sample learning sequences that model how to embed the six skills into your teaching and learning activities. Participants will use the sequences to create their own full Year 11 Core 1 or Core 2 unit of work.

When: Available Term 1 2024
Format: Full day, face-to-face and online
Cost: TBC
Presenters: Janice Atkin and Clare Roden, ACHPER NSW with experienced teachers as co-presenters.

Build understanding and model innovative pedagogical practices for Stage 6 HMS course delivery.

  • Short, interactive sessions on a range of topics
  • 60-90 minutes after school live webinars
  • Delivered throughout 2024
  • Designed and delivered by ACHPER NSW together with academics and subject experts

Unpack the Year 11 HMS course outcomes and design your school assessment tasks.

  • Full-day workshops, face-to-face and online
  • Delivery starts Term 2 2024
  • The workshops will focus on opportunities for formative assessment within the Core modules and practical processes for designing a Collaborative Investigation.
  • Presented by Janice Atkin and Clare Roden from ACHPER NSW together with experienced teachers as co-presenters.

We know that a one-size program does not fit all. ACHPER NSW will develop resource packages based on a range of school contexts. Each package will include:

  • Scope and sequences
  • Unit outlines
  • Sample units of work
  • Assessment plan outlines
  • Assessment tasks and marking criteria
  • Collaborative investigation designs
  • Depth study designs
  • Resource lists.

Resources will be co-designed with expert teachers from across NSW, with experience across the full range of schools, including culturally diverse, distance education, and large city, regional and remote schools.

  • Year 11 – available from Term 2, 2024
  • Year 12 – available from Term 4, 2024

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