K-6 resources
Resources to support the delivery of quality PDHPE in primary schools

Games Sense Units - NSW - Years 5 and 6

Video resources for PE activities

Physically Active Classrooms

This recording was made during a session presented at the K-6 Physical Activity and Nutrition conference of the Physically Active Classrooms workshop.

Games for confined spaces

These videos focus on getting students participating quickly and efficiently through energising games that can be played in confined spaces.

Games for understanding

These videos explore a range of activities that develop skills and strategies for target games, net/wall games, striking and field games and invasion games.

Numeracy and Literacy in PDHPE

These videos provide teachers with innovative and energetic ways to teach literacy, numeracy and social skills through a range of fun and interactive games in the playground.

Lesson ideas and resources

Reinforcing PE learning at home

Resource designed to support teachers in implementing at-home PE with their primary school classes.

Change It!

This resource is designed to show primary teachers how to apply the CHANGE IT! Principles in their teaching of physical activity through a guided exploration.

FMS in action

This resource provides teachers with strategies to successfully implement FMS into their physical activity lessons.

Get active with games

This resource provides teaching strategies required to increase students moderate to vigorous physical activity levels.


This resource focuses on how grids can be used for group organisation and class management techniques that maximises student involvement and the use of space and time.

Learning in the school yard

This resource explores ways literacy, maths, science and geography learning outcomes can be met in the school garden, bush patch or even the weedy edges of the playground.

Health in the classroom

This resource will provide ideas and strategies that integrate literacy and numeracy into the classroom for the teaching and learning of nutrition.

Literacy through physical activity

This resource will assist teachers to teach literacy and social skills through a range of fun physical activities and games.

Physical activity for everybody

This resource will provide teachers with knowledge and practical experience to adapt and modify their physical activity sessions using the TREE principle

Physically active classrooms

This resource provides practical activities for differentiating and integrating physical activity into a range of Key Learning Areas, with a focus on English and Mathematics.

Integrating physical Activity into Maths

This resource explores ways teachers can integrate physical activity into their classroom teaching of Mathematics.

Traditional Indigenous Games

This resource provides activities that can be used as skill games, lead-up games in PE lessons or specific sport practice sessions.

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