Developing an integrated unit of work


Teaching and learning programs are a record of planned learning experiences for students. They can be designed to reflect the needs of the school and students. The should:

  • reflect the needs, interests and abilities of students
  • are based on syllabus outcomes and include a variety of teaching, learning and assessment activities, strategies and resources to address the learning needs of all students
  • are flexible and dynamic documents that change in response to student learning needs, school context, teacher evaluation and feedback
  • may include adjustments for students with special education needs
  • can reflect school and sector priorities, values and initiatives
  • are a record of how syllabus requirements are met.

For more information please see NESA’s Programming advice page 

Programming task - planning a unit of work

Participants are encouraged to create integrated units of work that are innovative and reflect your school context.


The integrated unit of work can:


  • Integrate content from several related (2-4) modules to form unit of work and explore content through one or more movement applications
  • Focus primarily on single movement application and explore various modules through this context
  • Design a school-developed module with additional content not included in syllabus modules (endorsement not required)
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