Submission to K-6 & 7-10 syllabus consultation

5 September 2023

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Update 12 September 2023:

From 5 September 2023:

The NESA consultation on the draft K-6 and 7-10 PDHPE syllabuses closes 11 September 2023. All teachers are encouraged to provide feedback. 

ACHPER NSW draft submission 

We have prepared a draft submission to the consultation. It combines input from our staff, stakeholders, and the two information sessions we held last month (recording below). We also met with NESA representatives last week to discuss the drafts and feedback. 

We welcome any further feedback on our draft. You can email feedback direct to Janice Atkin, Professional Learning Officer ACHPER NSW by Friday 8 September. 

We will then finalise our submission, and submit it to NESA by Monday’s deadline. 

Your views matter – have your say 

We urge you to provide input directly to the NESA consultation, individually or as a faculty. This is done via a survey on the NESA website. 

The ACHPER NSW submission only counts as “one view” (even though it is based on collective views), so it’s important for teachers to submit feedback through the consultation as well. 

More importantly, the syllabus is the foundation of our subject area – you will teach it for a long time.  As current teachers, you have invaluable insights and experiences to offer to ensure the syllabuses are contemporary and best meet student needs. 

To help you respond to the NESA survey: 

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