Is all learning quantifiable?

If anyone has ever seen an episode of The Office you would know that most scenes are steeped in many hilarious and rich interactions between colleagues, often within small confines […]

A balance at exam time

Students who study any subject within the PDHPE Key Learning Area know about the importance of balance. This can be easily applied to the preparation that goes into sitting any […]

Preparation is the key to good results

As #CAFS NSW students begin to think about preparing for their HSC trials, it is timely to discuss what they can do to give the exams their best shot. 1. […]

How will your school take action against bullying?

Bullying remains a complex and critical issue within schools, with 1 in 4 students reporting that they’ve been bullied on a regular basis. [pexyoutube pex_attr_src=”” pex_attr_width=”760″][/pexyoutube] This infographic created from […]

How SAAFE are your PE lessons?

Although the health benefits of participating in regular physical activity are extensive, the majority of young Australians are not sufficiently active. The pandemic of ‘physical inactivity’ is not only influencing […]

Improving performance in PDHPE and CAFS

Improving performance in both PDHPE and CAFS (and any other subject area) involves adopting a variety of different strategies to support and grow student learning. These strategies can be based […]